Zero Island – What is it all about?

Sweden is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2045. We wanted to examine solutions that could make the ambitious target a reality, so together with our partners, we are implementing them in the daily life of one island – making the island carbon neutral in just one year. We are making a change on the island, but also want to encourage others to inflict a change in their daily environments. After all, creating a better, cleaner future is everyone’s business.

What is Journey to Zero?

Zero Island is part of Neste’s Journey to Zero initiative which is the ultimate quest for a better future. Together with our partners, we want to bring forth solutions that drive the world towards a carbon neutral future, creating a healthier planet for our children.

Who is Neste?

At Neste, our focus is on producing a wide range of renewable products that help our customers reduce climate emissions effectively. We are the world's largest producer of renewable diesel, refined from waste and residues, and are currently introducing renewable solutions for the aviation and plastics industries.

To us, sustainability and responsibility is key in everything. This is the only planet we have, so we are all responsible for keeping it in shape. In 2018, Neste was ranked the most sustainable energy company in the world in the Global 100 index.

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.