The Idyllic island of Lidö will become the stage of the Zero Island project

As a part of the Journey to Zero initiative, Neste and its partners have begun the Zero Island project, making an entire island carbon neutral during one year. By building a cleaner future for the island of Lidö, we want to encourage others to make their own contribution for a better tomorrow.

Lidö – an idyll on an island

Lidö, the island chosen for the Zero Island project, is situated in the Northern archipelago of Stockholm, roughly an hours drive from the capital. Declared a natural conservation site, the island is a popular attraction to tens of thousands of vacationers, especially during the summer season.

With its picturesque red-and-white timber houses, unspoiled nature and an atmosphere of peaceful living, Lidö is an idyllic environment – which is exactly how we want to preserve it.

What we plan to do

We plan to make Lidö carbon neutral in one year, one solution at a time. First, we will focus on replacing the fuels used in farming, and land and water transport, with renewable alternatives. Next, we aim to convert the island’s entire energy supply to be derived from renewable sources. In addition to transport and energy, we will look at the sustainability of the entire island, taking into account waste management, recycling, water management and sustainable lighting.

Creating a carbon neutral future together

Making an entire island carbon neutral in a year is an ambitious goal, to say the least. Thus, we have embarked on this project with partners, who are all professionals in their own field of building a sustainable future. Taking this step with Neste are:


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Lidö Värdshus

Lidö Värdshus is a group of entrepreneurs who manage the island throughout the year. With a genuine interest in food and service, they want to put Lidö Värdshus on the map as one of the archipelago's nicest destinations.

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.