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Welcome to Zero Island

At first sight it is an idyllic summer paradise, but Zero Island is much more than that – it's the future. There are many changes that must be made in order for Sweden to achieve its goal of becoming climate neutral in 2045. On Zero Island, we made these changes in one year and the difference was significant: the island's carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 78 percent from the levels of 2018.

With the island's implemented solutions combined with green energy, the island's emissions dropped from 180 carbon dioxide tonnes to just 40 tonnes.




% less CO2 emissions
compared to 2018


months to make
the change


Total reduction on island (kg CO2e)


Total reduction outside island (kg CO2e)

Download the final report on Zero Island's emissions calculated by environmental consultancy Tricorona.


Sustainable solutions

Together, small changes can yield big results. 18 different solutions were introduced to make the island more sustainable. They brought the island’s yearly emissions down from an equivalent of 180 tons CO2 to just 40 tons of CO2. Explore the island to learn more about Zero Solutions and their impact.


Zero Menu, a sustainable low-emission menu designed by renowned chef Jonas Svensson is a delicious lesson in how food choices can help lower our carbon footprint.

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Buildings on the island have been fitted with solar panels, air water heat pumps, LED lights. Propane gas used for cooking has been replaced with biogas. The island has also switched to using green electricity.


Cabins on the island get electricity from solar panels, while air water heat pumps and climate curtains ensure energy efficiency. Guests can glamp out in Zero Cabin to experience climate neutral living.


Everything on the island is either reused or recycled. Food waste is processed into fertile compost for the organic potato field. The new recycling center ensures nothing is needlessly wasted.


Transport on the island runs on carbon neutral Neste My Renewable Diesel.


Everything possible has been done to make the island’s carbon footprint as small as possible. Compensation fees from Zero Island support the Barangay wind farm, a green electricity production project in the Philippines.

"We want to show that small changes in everyday life can make a big difference to one's impact on the climate."

- Olle Telje and Hugo Olofsson, entrepreneurs of Lidö inn

“Zero Island inspires to rethink travel habits and shows how emissions can be reduced in several areas.“

- Ossian Matthiessen,
Climate analyst Tricorona

“As an energy consultant it is always thrilling to be part of projects which places the environment in the first room. And Zero Island has been an excellent example of such a project.”

- Ellinor Forsström & Gunnar Sundby –
Energy consultants, Aktea

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We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.