Time, the modern luxury – and abundant at the Nolla cabin

Whilst commodities have been kept to a minimum at the Nolla cabin, the one luxury it can boast with is time. Vallisaari is the perfect environment to unwind – just the spot for forgetting schedules and responsibilities, and enjoying sweet idleness instead.

Waking in the archipelago is the perfect way to start a morning. The window of the Nolla cabin opens to a breathtaking view into the blue horizon, a sight that deserves a few minutes of anyone’s time. Early mornings are perfect for meditation by the sea or spotting seagulls on their morning flight. The start of a new day is a great time to pause for a minute and breathe in the clean Nordic air.

The diverse nature of the island offers an excellent opportunity for venturing into the forest and studying the island’s countless plant and bird species. A considerate and conscious visitor might even want to go plogging along the beautiful shoreline. Littering is strictly prohibited on Vallisaari, but every now and then the waves bring in rubbish from the sea.

Many of us spend endless hours in front of a computer every day, but visitors of the Nolla cabin are encouraged to leave their laptops behind. Instead of emails, Nolla is perfect spot for diving into poetry, an interesting novel, or the Zero Waste guide by Otso Sillanaukee.

At sunset, admire the watercolor skies and let your mind wander. Climb onto a cliff and let inspiring ideas fill your mind. Let the sea breeze blow your thoughts around, and as the salty waves break against the shoreline, focus on being present. The Nolla cabin is the perfect place to embrace the moment and feel connected to your own thoughts.

Make your #Nollapledge

Write down five things you use/do in your daily life that could be replaced with more sustainable alternatives, and share them on your social media channels. For support and instructions, turn to the Zero Waste guide, or your favourite zero waste influencers!

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.