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Zero Vacation

With tourism causing almost a tenth of global greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable vacations are on demand. Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, and the Swedish island of Lidö are setting out on a journey towards a carbon neutral island. Over the course of the year, Lidö will become the Zero Island – an idyllic environment for a carbon neutral getaway. Lidö’s guardians, Olle and Hugo, have several plans for the island’s future.

A delicious way to cut emissions on Zero Island

What we eat every day significantly affects our carbon footprint. Having less meat and dairy on the plate helps cut a considerable amount of emissions, as does reducing waste and choosing more sustainable packaging. Using local and seasonal ingredients is always a good way to reduce emissions.

Zero Island – What is it all about?

Sweden is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2045. We wanted to examine solutions that could make the ambitious target a reality, so together with our partners, we are implementing them in the daily life of one island – making the island carbon neutral in just one year. We are making a change on the island, but also want to encourage others to inflict a change in their daily environments. After all, creating a better, cleaner future is everyone’s business.

We have embarked on a journey towards a carbon neutral future. However, it takes more than one to reach zero. Together with our partners, Neste will explore new ideas and steer the world towards a better future.